20 Best WooCommerce Plugins for Your Store [2024 Edition]

Looking for the best WooCommerce plugins to boost your online sales? 

Building a thriving online store on WooCommerce is much easier with the right tools. In most cases, you’ll need many different tools to help you achieve different goals. For example, you’ll need a tool to help you drive traffic, another tool to help improve conversions, and many others.

In this article, we’ll show you the best WooCommerce plugins many successful eCommerce store owners use and love.

Why Do You Need WooCommerce Plugins?

WooCommerce is a free, open-source plugin that can turn any WordPress website into a fully functional online store. You can use it to sell digital and physical products on your website. The plugin has many great features and is insanely flexible via additional premium WooCommerce extensions, also called plugins.

Users love WooCommerce because it has many features right out of the box, enabling you to be up and running without much fuss. For example, you can add product listings, categories, collections, and a shopping cart with a few clicks. There are even SEO plugins to help you rank your pages on SERPs.

However, if you require more functionality beyond WooCommerce’s basic default features, you can always install a WooCommerce plugin to upgrade it. 

Installing these plugins will make your online store more manageable. They also help give you an edge over your competitors.

20 Best WooCommerce Plugins to Grow Your Online Store: Our Expert Picks

Ready to supercharge your eCommerce store with the best WooCommerce plugins?

Here’s our expertly curated list to help you get started.

1. All In One SEO (AIOSEO)

AIOSEO is one of the best WooCommerce plugins for boosting your search engine rankings.

AIOSEO is the best WooCommerce plugin if you want to boost your visibility on search engines and drive organic clickthrough rates. It’s a powerful yet easy-to-use SEO plugin that has been downloaded over 100 million times.

Millions of smart business owners use AIOSEO to help them boost their search engine rankings and drive qualified traffic to their WooCommerce eCommerce sites. And every successful eCommerce business depends on organic traffic for growth. After all, you can only boost your sales if you make it easy for customers to find your store and products. AIOSEO has many powerful SEO features and modules to help you do that. 

The plugin even has features designed explicitly for WooCommerce SEO. It lets you optimize product pages to connect with your customers faster. The WooCommerce module can help you optimize product pages, product categories, and more.

Other examples of SEO features that can help you boost your online visibility include:

  • Search Statistics: This powerful Google Search Console integration lets you track your keyword rankings and see important SEO metrics with 1-click, and more.
  • Next-gen Schema Generator: This makes adding any type of schema markup (including review schema) super easy.
  • Redirection Manager: Helps you manage redirects and eliminate 404 errors, making it easier for search engines to crawl and index your site.
  • Link Assistant: Powerful internal linking tool that automates building links between pages on your site. It also gives you an audit of outbound links.
  • SEO Preview: This gives you an overview of your search and social snippets and general SEO so you can improve your optimization.
  • IndexNow: For instantaneous indexing on search engines that support the IndexNow protocol (like Bing and Yandex).
  • Robots.txt editor: Gives you complete control over the instructions you give web crawlers about what folders and files to crawl on your WordPress site.
  • Sitemap generator: Automatically generate different types of sitemaps to notify all search engines of any updates on your site.
  • And more.

The WooCommerce SEO modules in AIOSEO are super easy to use and are designed to give your website and content a better chance of ranking.

If you want your site and products to stand out on search engine pages (SERPs), then AIOSEO should undoubtedly be one of the plugins you install and activate on your eCommerce site. 

To help you gain your customers’ trust and drive more sales, AIOSEO has a powerful next-gen Schema Generator that features a review schema module and Google’s Merchant Listing schema.

AIOSEO is one of the best WooCommerce plugins as it helps you add product review schema.

These enable you to display customer reviews, shipping details, and more on SERPs.

For enhanced search visibility and product rankings, AIOSEO is undoubtedly the best WooCommerce plugin on the market.

For step-by-step instructions on how to install AIOSEO, check our detailed installation guide.

Pricing: Starts at $49.60.

Broken Link Checker (BLC) is another plugin to consider for your WooCommerce site. Developed by the team behind the All In One SEO plugin (AIOSEO), you can be confident that the code is light and clean and the plugin effective.

Links are important to every online business because search engines deem them a vital ranking factor. Plus, links are an integral component of your sales funnel. Without them, users can’t discover your products.

That’s why you want to ensure that every link on your WooCommerce site works as it should. And that’s where BLC comes in. This nifty plugin scans your online store for broken links. These can cost you:

  • Traffic
  • Rankings
  • Conversions

With Broken Link Checker, you can easily find and fix broken links on your site, both internal and external. The best part: the plugin automates the entire process! This saves you a lot of time as you won’t have to manually look for and test all the broken links on your site. And when you find a broken link, you can edit the URL, unlink it, recheck it, or dismiss the error.

Broken Link Checker is undoubtedly one of the first WooCommerce plugins you should install on your site if you’re serious about your site’s health and SEO.

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $49.99.

3. WP Mail SMTP

WP Mail SMTP is one of the best WooCommerce plugins email deliverability.

WP Mail SMTP is an SMTP email service API that helps your website emails get into your customer’s inbox without being marked as spam. It’s the best WordPress SMTP and PHP mailer plugin and can be connected to your favorite email platforms like Sendlayer, SendinBlue, Constant Contact, and more.

Your online store needs to send email notifications for various actions to you, the WooCommerce store owner, and your customers. It uses the PHP mail() function for this. However, most WordPress hosting providers don’t set up this function correctly. Some providers even block it. This results in your store’s email feature not working.

WP Mail SMTP helps you solve this problem without touching a single line of code. It enables you to send transactional emails, confirmation emails, shipping notifications and more. Plus, WP Mail SMTP was built with email deliverability in mind, so you can rest assured that your emails will reach the intended destinations.

With email marketing integral to growing an online business, a plugin like WP Mail SMTP is a must-have plugin if you’re to thrive.

Pricing: $49.00/month.

4. SeedProd

SeedProd is one of the best WooCommerce plugins on the market.

SeedProd is a very popular drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress and is used on over 1 million sites. You can use this powerful plugin to build high-converting landing pages for your WooCommerce store easily. These include product pages, email opt-in pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, and more.

SeedProd also has custom WooCommerce blocks you can add to your store to make it easier for shoppers to interact with your products. Examples include add-to-cart buttons, shopping carts, checkout, and product grids. These make it easy to customize your WooCommerce checkout page and also boost conversions on your product-focused landing pages.

Plus, SeedProd is also one of the best SEO-friendly page builders. This makes it easier for your store and product pages to rank high on SERPs.

Pricing: Starts from $39.50/year.

5. WPForms

WPForms is one of the best WooCommerce form builder plugins.

WPForms is a powerful contact form plugin that’s trusted by over 5 million websites. A contact form plugin is essential in building a thriving online business, as it helps you collect valuable leads from visitors to your site.

You’ll need a contact page on your WooCommerce store to help ensure open communication lines, answer customer questions, and resolve their issues. Besides helping you keep in touch with your customers, the Pro version of WPForms lets you accept Stripe, Square, and PayPal payments on your order forms. 

To grow your eCommerce business, WPForms lets you create any kind of form for your store. Examples include contact forms, online surveys, and order forms. No matter the complexity of the form, WPForm enables you to create your form in just a few clicks. 

Pricing: Paid plans start at $39.50/year

6. TrustPulse

TrustPulse is the best WooCommerce plugin for boosting conversions through social proof.

TrustPulse is a social-proof WordPress plugin that works seamlessly with WooCommerce. You can use it to build trust with your site visitors, making it one of the best conversion rate optimization plugins for your store. 

TrustPulse shows your site visitors notifications of real-time activity your customers are taking on your site. For example, you can show live sales notifications. This helps validate your brand and product, helps build trust, and encourages sales. Other notifications can include email signups, registrations, and any other activity you want to encourage users to take.

TrustPulse is super easy to use, as it comes with a drag-and-drop builder to build customized popups and notifications.

Pricing: Starts at $4/month (billed annually).

7. OptinMonster

OptinMonster is the best WooCommerce plugin for optimizing your conversions.

OptinMonster is another powerful conversion rate optimization plugin that works well with WooCommerce. It’s an excellent lead-generation tool to help you grow your customer base. The plugin makes it easy to create stunning opt-in campaigns using popups, floating bars, fullscreen welcome mats, and more.

You can also use OptinMonster’s robust customization options to reduce cart abandonment, increase sales, grow your email list, and more. That’s because OptinMonster is perfect for creating highly targeted offers. For example, you can show your popups based on the items in your customer’s cart.

With OptinMonster’s drag-and-drop builder, creating eye-catching WooCommerce popups that can help grow your business is easy.

Pricing: Starts at $9/month (billed annually).

8. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WooCommerce plugin for analytics.

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress Google Analytics plugin on the market. Over 3 million users love it for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The plugin gives you deep insights into how visitors interact with your online store and product pages. And if you use WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads to sell on your website, MonsterInsights offers enhanced eCommerce tracking features.

With MonsterInsights, all it takes is a single click, and you’ll have real-time data on the performance of your eCommerce site. The plugin also gives you in-depth insight into customer preferences so that you can tailor your marketing campaigns for greater impact.

MonsterInsights gives you all the power of Google Analytics but with a more user-friendly interface. That means you get all the data you need to run a successful eCommerce business conveniently placed in your WordPress dashboard.

For in-depth data and analytics, MonsterInsights is definitely the best WooCommerce plugin.


Pricing: Starts at $99.50/year.

9. PushEngage

PushEngage is the best WooCommerce plugin for sending push notifications.

PushEngage is one of the best push notification software on the market. Web push notifications are an excellent tool to drive visitors back to your site. This gives you more opportunities to convert them into paying customers.

PushEngage works by sending popup notifications of any activity on your site straight to users’ desktop and mobile browsers. You can even set it up to send WooCommerce notifications. For example, you can automatically send abandoned cart alerts to visitors who added sites to their cart but did not checkout. This helps boost your conversion rate.

You can also use PushEngage to send other types of notifications like product announcements, price drop alerts, and more. The plugin also makes it easy to send custom messages. This way, you can still communicate with web visitors who aren’t on your email list and convert them into leads.

Pricing: Starts at $9/month.

10. RafflePress

RafflePress is the best WooCommerce plugin for running contests and giveaways.

RafflePress is the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. Giveaways and contests are a great way to drive traffic to your WooCommerce store, build brand awareness, and grow your social media following. But more importantly, they’re an excellent way to generate sales.

Thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop giveaway builder, the plugin is super easy to use. It also has pre-made giveaway templates to help you create optimized giveaway campaigns in minutes. 

RafflePress has bonus giveaway actions designed to help your store reach its goals. These let you reward participants with extra giveaway entries for performing specific actions. Examples include referring a friend, subscribing to a newsletter, following you on social media, visiting a page, and much more.

Pricing: Starts at $39.50/year.

11. FunnelKit (formerly WooFunnels)

FunnelKit home page

FunnelKit is a powerful WooCommerce sales funnel builder that lets you create high-converting checkout pages, abandoned cart recovery, one-click upsells and various other automations to help boost profits.

One of the biggest advantages of FunnelKit is that it’s super easy to use and comes with customizable templates to help you get started. You can also create reusable workflows to help you launch your marketing automations faster.

Additionally, the plugin has a built-in split testing function that helps you create the most impactful campaigns. To maximize conversion rates, you can easily A/B test elements like campaign copy, headlines, CTAs, and more.

FunnelKit is undoubtedly the best WooCommerce plugin for store owners who want to grow revenue through optimized sales funnels and marketing automation.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $99.50 per year. 

12. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator is the best WooCommerce plugin for automating tasks on your site.

Uncanny Automator is a powerful WordPress plugin that enables you to put your entire WooCommerce store on autopilot with automation. 

The plugin allows you to create “recipes,” or automations, triggered by your store visitors’ actions. For example, when a user visits a product page, Uncanny Automator will email them a personalized offer based on that product. This helps boost your conversions and drive sales.

Setting up the plugin and creating Uncanny Automator recipes is super easy. No coding is required. 

Pricing: Starts at $149/year.

13. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is the best WooCommerce plugin for social media feeds.

Smash Balloon is the best WordPress social media plugin. It’s a suite of social media feed plugins that enable you to embed various social feeds on your website. With Smash Balloon, you have complete control over the look and feel of your social media feed without requiring coding.

Smash Balloon’s social media feed tools include Facebook Feeds Pro, Instagram Feeds Pro, Twitter Feeds Pro, and YouTube Feeds Pro. And if you sell products on Instagram, you can even create shoppable feeds to boost your sales.

And no matter the social feed you add, rest assured Smash Balloon will make it blend in with your current WordPress theme.

Besides social media integration, Smash Balloon also has a Reviews Feed feature. This feature lets you automatically display user reviews on your site. These are your best user reviews from platforms like Google, Yelp, and more. The best part is you can moderate and select the reviews you want to be displayed.

Pricing: $49/year for a single social media feed plugin. The all-access bundle costs $239.

12. SearchWP

SearchWP is the best WooCommerce plugin for adding advanced search functionality to your online store.

SearchWP is the best WordPress search plugin. It can help you improve your user experience (UX) by taking your store’s search from okay to awesome very quickly. This will help you boost your conversions and drive sales.

The default search functionality in WooCommerce and WordPress doesn’t search every field in your store. Adding SearchWP will enhance your search functionality and expand it to find every single product your visitors are looking for.

The best part is that SearchWP has a WooCommerce extension that helps you easily upgrade your website’s search specifically for WooCommerce stores. This makes it easy for your customers to shop on your site, particularly if you have a huge catalog.

SearchWP also collects user data and tells you what your site visitors are searching for. This powerful on-site search data can help you better cater to your audience.

And because the plugin automatically integrates with your theme, it’s easy to use without messing with any code. 

Pricing: Free. Paid plans start at $99/year.

13. Thrive Suite By Thrive Themes

Thrive Suite is the best WooCommerce plugin that gives you a collection of tools to supercharge your store for growth.

Thrive Suite is a collection of different plugins designed to help you build and grow any WordPress website. The plugin gives you access to plugins and tools including:

  • Thrive Theme Builder: This is an intuitive theme and page builder you can use to build your site from the ground up.
  • Thrive Architect: This is a drag-and-drop visual editor for WordPress that allows you to customize your page layout.
  • Thrive Quiz Builder: Create interest and boost engagement with quizzes and surveys with this easy-to-use quiz builder.
  • Thrive Leads: A powerful lead generation plugin that makes it easy to build campaigns, monitor them, and more.
  • Thrive Apprentice: Helps you build and monetize online courses and membership sites right from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: Scarcity marketing and FOMO plugin that helps boost sales and engagement using targeting campaigns.
  • Thrive Ovation: Boost your social proof by gathering and displaying the best testimonials, all on autopilot.
  • Thrive Optimize: Get the power of A/B testing to find what works best for your site.
  • Thrive Comments: Boost audience engagement using a fun commenting plugin. Also encourages interaction through likes, badges, upvotes, and more.
  • Thrive Automator: Build smart integrations between plugins on your site and automate tasks.

You can use these plugins to configure how your eCommerce store looks and functions. Others can help you drive more leads to your site and

All these plugins come with easy-to-use builders, 100s of templates, and much more. Thrive Suite is an all-in-one WordPress plugin that helps you reduce the plugin count on your site while giving you greater functionality and control of how your eCommerce store looks.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $299/year. Alternatively, you can get the standalone plugins for $99/year.

14. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is the best WooCommerce plugin for managing affiliate programs.

AffiliateWP is the best affiliate management plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin makes creating affiliate programs that encourage your customers and others to promote your products easy.

When someone signs up for your affiliate program, they’ll get a special link they can use to promote your products. Each sale attributed to that link earns them a small commission.

AffiliateWP is a cost-effective solution that gives you full control of every aspect of your affiliate program. It also comes with detailed reports to enable easy tracking of link clicks, sales, and payments.

The plugin also includes a payouts service so you can easily pay your affiliates right from your WordPress dashboard. However, you’re not tied to one payment gateway, as you can choose from PayPal, Stripe, or other online payment gateways.

With so many features that make it easy to grow an eCommerce business, AffiliateWP is definitely one of the best WooCommerce plugins to add to your toolbox.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $149.50/year.

15. LiveChat

LiveChat is the best WooCommerce plugin for boosting your customer service.

LiveChat lets you quickly add a chat box on your website to engage in two-way conversations with your visitors. It enables you to give your customers instant answers to their questions as they browse your eCommerce store. As a result, you can convert many visitors into customers by helping them finish their purchases before they abandon their shopping carts.

If you’re looking for a WooCommerce plugin that can help you boost customer loyalty, LiveChat is it.

LiveChat also seamlessly integrates with your favorite email marketing tools and CRMs. It also connects with automation tools like Zapier so you can integrate with thousands of other apps. You can easily use LiveChat to add leads to your email list so you can convert them into paying customers.

Pricing: Starts at $20/month.

16. Constant Contact

Constant Contact is one of the best WooCommerce email marketing services for eCommerce businesses.

Constant Contact is one of the best WooCommerce email marketing services for eCommerce businesses. One reason for that is it’s easy to use, despite having unparalleled functionality compared to other eCommerce email marketing solutions.

Growing your email list should be a priority if you want to grow your business. And Constant Contact allows you to do that easily. It also helps you run targeted email marketing campaigns with just a few simple clicks. This is thanks to the dozens of professionally designed email templates for various niches.

The best part is that the plugin also allows you to create multiple email lists and custom funnels. This helps you personalize your campaigns and boost your conversions.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $12/month

17. Omnisend

Omnisend is one of the best marketing automation tools for WooCommerce.

Omnisend is one of the best marketing automation tools for WooCommerce. It’s an all-in-one email and SMS marketing solution that helps you generate leads and run personalized marketing and sales campaigns.

The plugin offers a range of features designed to help you grow your eCommerce business. Examples include email marketing capabilities to help you grow your email list and create personalized campaigns. It also has an SMS marketing functionality to help you send targeted offers via SMS.

You can also create reusable workflows to automatically send targeted email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp messages to your customers based on their behavior, preferences, and purchase history.

Omnisend is super easy to use, making it easy to create visually stunning email campaigns with its drag-and-drop editor. The email campaign builder has many pre-designed templates and content blocks to make the plugin easy to use.

And with powerful segmentation and personalization tools, you can send highly targeted and personalized messages to your email and SMS subscribers. These features, and more, make Omnisend rank high among the best WooCommerce plugins for growing your customer base and driving sales.

Price: Free. Paid plans start at $16/month.

18. Store Customizer

Store Customizer is the best WooCommerce plugin for customizing your store.

Store Customizer is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that lets you easily customize your store. Without knowing HTML or CSS, you can use it to change the design, labels, and button text across your WooCommerce store.

This plugin is an excellent tool for controlling the number of products per page. It also lets you declutter your shop and product pages. And that from within your WordPress dashboard.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49/year.

19. Advanced Coupons

Advanced Coupons is another powerful WooCommerce plugin for driving sales through coupon marketing.

Advanced Coupons is a powerful WooCommerce plugin that takes your coupon marketing game to the next level. It’s designed to help you build impactful promotions and drive exceptional sales results through coupon marketing.

WooCommerce has a default coupon feature that’s basic and sluggish. Advanced Coupons, however, add some spice to your coupon experience. For example, you can schedule your vouchers, automatically add a coupon when certain cart conditions are met, and much more.

Advanced Coupons is super easy to use, and getting your coupons up and running is a breeze.

Pricing: Starts at $39.50/year.

20. WooCommerce Product Slider

WooCommerce Product Slider is the best WooCommerce plugin for boosting engagement on your store.

WooCommerce Product Slider is a free WooCommerce plugin that helps users enhance the beauty of their stores while increasing engagement with products. 

The plugin lets you easily create beautiful product sliders or carousels to display anywhere on your WooCommerce store. Visitors to your WooCommerce store can view product images and information and add products to their shopping cart right from the carousel!

WooCommerce Products Slider is highly customizable, ensuring every bit of your site is on-brand. And it’s completely responsive, so it works beautifully on mobile devices, too.

Pricing: Free.

The Best WooCommerce Plugins: Your FAQs Answered

Building an online business using WooCommerce can be a daunting task. But with the right WooCommerce plugins, this becomes easier. Before we wrap up this article, let’s quickly answer some frequently asked questions concerning WooCommerce plugins.

What is the best review plugin for WooCommerce?

The best review plugin for WooCommerce is All in One SEO (AIOSEO). The plugin gives you a lot of functionality plus enables you to output review schema automatically.

What are the top eCommerce plugins?

The top 3 eCommerce plugins are

How do I optimize my WordPress eCommerce website?

You need a plugin like All In One SEO (AIOSEO) to optimize your WordPress eCommerce site for SEO. For conversion rate optimization (CRO), you’ll need a plugin like OptinMonster. SmashBalloon is the best WordPress social media plugin to grow your social media following.

The Best WooCommerce Plugins to Supercharge Your Business: Our Top Picks 

Our top pick for the best WooCommerce plugin is AIOSEO. After all, to make it in eCommerce, your site and products must be visible on search engines. And AIOSEO helps you rank high, drive traffic, and improve organic clickthrough rates. It’s an essential tool for boosting your visibility and sales.

We also highly recommend WP Mail SMTP as it makes sending emails directly from your WooCommerce store super easy. As a result, you can streamline your email marketing, generate leads, and sell more.

We hope this post helped you find the best WooCommerce plugins for your business. You may also want to check out other articles on our blog, like our list of the best WooCommerce SEO plugins and our tutorial on adding Google Merchant Center Listing schema to your ECommerce store.

In addition, find out how you can get your WooCommerce product attributes displaying in search results.

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